Families of the Jailed
Margaret Stevens, Rodger Stevens


A family's life is turned upside down when a false accusation leads to an eight-year prison sentence for Rodger Stevens. Rodger and his mother, Margaret--both ordained ministers--were suddenly faced with the challenge of truly living, under extraordinary circumstances, the beliefs and principles they preached to their congregations. Bitterness, anger, despair, and hopelessness battled for supremacy over the faith in God that had always sustained the Stevens family. Margaret and Rodger, still living the day-to-day exercise in acceptance brought on by Rodger's imprisonment, have written an inspirational memoir and spiritual guidebook for others who find themselves in the Stevens' situation.

  1. Two ordained ministers share the challenge of living their own spiritual teachings in the face of tremendous adversity

  2. A guide to help families cope with incarceration

  3. How prayer, friends and loved ones, inspirational writings, and a daily spiritual practice moved the Stevens family to forgiveness and trust in God's higher plan

  4. Shares important truths that may help others in similar situations:

  • Nothing happens by chance
  • All challenges in life bring lessons we need to learn
  • Prayer puts us in harmony with God's plan for our lives
  • Regardless of the deed, the doer is still a person you can love
  • God's timing does not necessarily coincide with ours
  • Confiding in a compassionate person is a tremendous blessing
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