Family Rules: Helping Stepfamilies
and Single Parents Build Happy Homes

Jeannette Lofas


The current American family has changed. The rules for running the house have changed. Jeannette Lofas, America's pioneering authority on divorce, remarriage, and children sets forth straightforward, no-nonsense principles designed for moms and dads, custodial and visiting parents, stepfamilies, and single parents. Family Rules incorporates essential lessons for making house rules work to make meals, bedtime, after school, leisure activities, and even the busiest mornings orderly, predictable, and manageable. Family Rules not only gives you the tools you need to create a happy, well-run family, but offers the parenting skills needed to develop character, self-discipline, and self-esteem in children. Family Rules is easy to institute and follow and it is the best way to bring stability and tranquility to your home.

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