For Sasha, With Love: An Alzheimer Crusade:
The Story of Anne Bashkiroff

Gail Bernice Holland


For Sasha, With Love is an inspiring poignant story about a women - Anne Bashkiroff -- who turned the tragedy of her husband's illness with Alzheimer's disease into a social and political triumph. (Through her efforts the first state-wide law in the country to help brain-damaged adults was established.) Whereas many books about diseases can be depressing, this book is, in the final analysis, enlightening and heartening. It is an American success story that shows the difference one person can make in our society. The book also reveals the cost of Alzheimer's disease in emotional terms. And with absolute honesty the book deals with the unique problem that has to be faced when a married person has Alzheimer's: The husband or wife who is well loses the stricken spouse just as permanently as if by death -- except that, while the brain has been destroyed, the victim's body still lives on. Toward the end of her husband's illness Anne had an affair. The candid account given here will help people understand how a person can seek a new relationship under these circumstances. For Sasha, With Love is a story of courage. It offers special support and hope to families and friends of all brain-damaged victims.


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