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For Widows Only!
by Annie Estlund

For Widows Only! is exactly what it says... a helpful guide and friend for meeting, handling and accepting all the stages of grief for widows of all ages. Annie Estlund writes with real insight and honesty about her own experiences and invites you to share the journey with her. Widows everywhere will identify with the feelings she exposes, and thus find words that they themselves can use to describe and deal with their own grief. Annie will become a friend, someone who understands and has patience with all that we go through. Annie's voice speaks clearly for all who have ever lost a husband or a partner.

She also offers us a web site to visit with other widows and share our feelings. Annie even answers questions and offers other resources. You can visit her at

Her wonderful book, that should be on every women's bookshelf, including professionals, is a milestone in the concept of one person reaching out to another with help, comfort and support. I only wish that I had had this resource for many of my clients during my years of working with widows in my practice. I encourage everyone who reads this to buy For Widow's Only! immediately and to pass this on to all of their friends.

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