Involved in a Custody Dispute

Fathers' Rights: Hard-Hitting & Fair Advice
for Every Father Involved in a Custody Dispute

Jeffery M. Leving, Kenneth A. Dachman


Millions of fathers are currently in the fight of their lives: the fight for custody of their children. Many wonder if they will ever again be an important part of their children's lives. With this landmark book, renowned men's rights attorney Jeffery Leving leads fathers through every twist and turn of the legal system, offering meaningful advice to save years of anguish and possibly thousands of dollars. This authoritative and accessible book covers every aspect of the custody process, including protecting the parent/child relationship as a breakup occurs; determining when to settle and when to litigate; techniques for dealing effectively with psychologists, social workers, and other domestic relations expert; and much more. Illustrated with vivid real-life examples, Jeffery Leving and Kenneth Dachman's practical guide is essential reading for the scores of American Fathers routinely excluded from their children's lives by a biased legal system in which avarice and recrimination too often overwhelm compassion and justice."


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