A Glass Full of Tears: Dementia Day-By-Day
June Lund Shiplett


June and Charlie Shiplett were a fairly typical couple, enjoying life and looking forward to their "golden" years. Multi-Infarct Dementia changed all that almost overnight. Through her honest and heart-wrenching journal kept through her personal and family crisis. June Shiplett shares the confusion and hard times she endured as she lovingly cared for her husband at home for 2 1/2 long years. A Glass Full Of Tears puts a human face on a medical headline. It's a story of love and hardship, a vivid and personal record of the impact of the severe illness of increasing dementia on the home and heart. A Glass Full Of Tears is recommended reading for friends and family and caregivers of all who suffer from Alzheimer and all the other forms of dementia that come unbidden into the lives of good people and is no respecter of persons regardless of their status or standing.


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