Glimpses of God
Michelle J. Peele

With the death of her daughter, Morgan, on March 5, 1999, Michelle Peele thought her life had come to a bitter end. As with any traumatic experience, one’s whole world can come crashing down. But for Michelle, there was solace to be had from her daughter’s tragic death – as not only did she witness the consequential saving of 13 others’ lives, she was led by the guidance of her own Glimpses of God.

About the Author
Michelle J. Peele resides in Southern Pines, North Carolina with her husband, Ed, and her two daughters, Mackenzie and Meredith. She is artistic, athletic and a successful businesswoman. Michelle has remained active in the community and in her husband’s and children’s lives. By volunteering her time and through the sale of this book, Michelle is committed to helping the organ donation program. "My daughter, Morgan, 2 weeks before the accident, told our family at the dinner table that if she ever died in an accident, she would like to be an organ donor....2 weeks and 2 days later, Morgan was the perfect candidate for organ donation. The proceeds from the sale of the book are going to the Organ Procurement Organizations to help with awareness programs. The book is not so much about the death, but instead about the gifts that we have been given that have helped to make this journey as bearable as it can be."

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