A Grace Disguised: How the Soul Grows Through Loss
Gerald L. Sittser


"I've almost finished reading a lovely and clearly written book called "A Grace Disguised" by Gerald L Sittser. He suffered a catastrophic loss of his wife, mother and little daughter in one fell car accident. Yet he has found meaning and hope.

I was attracted by the title, "A Grace Disguised", as I have ever thought along the same lines, even in the early stages of my own grief. I see bereavement as a sacred condition. Dr Sittser also talks about the experience as an amputation. I agree with that too. He cleverly hits many nails of truth on their heads of accuracy. I am grateful for this book."

Gillian A. Moore FSBT (England)
Author of the book for publication "The Loved One ~ Memoirs of a Magic Friendship"


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