Grace For Grief: Daily Comfort for Those Who Mourn
Michael Pink, Brenda Pink


As parents who lost first an infant, then a teenager, Michael and Brenda Pink have experienced the ravages of sorrow first-hand. But their struggle to understand led to hope and eventually to the realization that pain and joy are not far separated. In Grace For Grief, the Pinks pass to you the comfort they found. During the entire first year after a devastating loss, this little book is the perfect quiet time companion. More than a collection of mere platitudes, this timeless volume gently guides the reader on a day-by-day journey toward healing and solace. In the reverent but easy-reading language of the Bible, you will find that we do not grieve as ones who have no hope. There is a Friend who will never leave you; and when you are weak, His power is strongest. Whether you choose it for a friend, a loved one, or yourself, Grace For Grief can help anyone survive and learn from their time of loss.


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