Grief in Our Seasons:
A Mourner's Kaddish Companion

Kerry M. Olitzky


From Jewish tradition: Strength for the first year of mourning. Jewish tradition encourages us to study as a way of honoring the memory of those we love who are no longer among us. The study of sacred texts helps us to forge a link in the chain of tradition, shalshelet hakabalah, that reaches into the past and forges a connection with the future.This wise and inspiring book provides a carefully ordered selection of sacred Jewish literature for mourners to read each day, to help hold the memory of their loved ones in their hearts. It offers a comforting, step-by-step link to the Jewish tradition of Kaddish (the memorial prayer recited for the year following the death), and a means to secure the memory of the person mourned, for an eternity.A placemarker flap, outlining the steps of each daily sequence, is an additional aid to mourners as Grief in Our Seasons guides them through the year of Kaddish-to healing, comfort, and remembrance through Jewish tradition.


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