The Healing Choice: Your Guide to Emotional
Recovery After an Abortion

Candace De Puy, Ph.D., Dana Dovitch, Ph.D.


Los Angeles based psychotherapists DePuy and Dovitch provide much-needed guidance for those dealing with posttraumatic stress disorder after abortion--an emotional wound often felt years afterward. Richly accompanied by sidebars quoting from Maya Angelou, Marilyn Monroe, Ayn Rand, Lily Tomlin, Margaret Sanger, and other notables, their text initially addresses the reality of pregnancy and the myths surrounding motherhood and then details the procedure of abortion from clinical as well as emotional standpoints. The second section examines the aftermath of abortion, giving special emphasis to feelings of guilt and anger and to seeking forgiveness. Acceptance is the focus of the third and final part, with DePuy and Dovitch discussing the slow and ongoing process of transformation and healing. Throughout, the book features exercises designed to help women conflicted over having had abortions reclaim their bodies and achieve a state of peace.

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