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Healing Liturgies for the Seasons of Life
by Abigail Rian Evans

The name Abigail Rian Evans means quality care and writing that integrates pastoral care, faith and health in decisive ways. If you have not read her earlier books, moving congregations forward in their responsibilities for wellness and the care of the sick, track them down. We can send you information on those books.

This is an extraordinary reference book that teaches, facilitates care (including creative liturgies and rituals) and provides a linkage that brings pastor and people together around the decisive presence of God.

The first overall section is Seasons of life, with chapters on childhood, early to middle adulthood, late adulthood and the older adult. Several live events are identified in each area, with commentary, reflection and liturgies that can be used in their entirety or as points for discussion, care and planning.

Seasons of crisis brings us together around such issues as "illness: as life-altering," disabilities, mental illness, addiction, domestic violence and sexual abuse. The section on illness: life-threatening, offers general prayers, resources for use during hospitalization, general healing services and resources identified for specific conditions or diseases. The tradition of the ritual (i.e., religion or denomination) is given, though they are all adaptable.

Of particular note is chapter 7, "broken world," with subjects such as community need, prejudice/racism, criminal justice, tainted creation and community reconciliation. Chapter 8, "Deliverance," has a piece on exorcism and "cleansing of a house."

This book, if used wisely, will be a trendsetter and trend-changer in pastoral care and the various healing ministries for many years to come.


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