The Healing Journey Through Addiction: Your Journal
For Recovery and Self-Renewal

Phil Rich, Stuart Copans


"The Healing Journey Through Addiction" is the newest addition to "The Healing Journey" series of journaling and self help books. It was written to help people struggling with addictions of all kinds to understand, come to grips with, and overcome addiction and dependence in their own lives. Perhaps most of all, it was aritten to help people help themselves, and avoid the pitfalls and dead ends of excuses, explanations, and failed treatments that allow addiction to continue. The book doesn't pretend or expect to help everybody - only those ready to help themselves. "The Healing Journey Through Addiction" is a guided journal that will help readers understand addictions of all kinds and the impact of addiction on their lives, and the lives of others. As a guided journal, it will help readers to make sense of their own addiction, abuse, or dependence through their OWN ideas and words,learn about the realities of the addiction through their own honest exploration, and decide for themselves how to overcome addiction and enter lifetime recovery.


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