The Healing Journey Through Retirement
Phil Rich, Dorothy Madway Sampson, Dale S. Fetherling


An information-packed guided personal journal designed to help men and women adjust to and manage the transition to retirement.

People tend to think that retirees live in the lap of luxury, soaking in the newfound freedom of a workless schedule. Although there are undoubtedly benefits to retirement, new retirees also experience a host of changes in how they view themselves with regard to status, satisfaction, life structure, excitement, challenge, and relationships. Designed to help retirees work through these changing dynamics, The Healing Journey Through Retirement discusses the emotional, physical, and psychological aspects of this life stage, and offers a variety of guided journal entries designed to ease the adjustment.

  • Written by a clinical psychologist and an expert on retirement.
  • Includes dozens of guided journal entries specifically geared toward preparing men and women for retirement.
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