He Used to Be Somebody, 1995: A Journey into
Alzheimer's Disease Through the Eyes of a Caregiver

Beverly Bigtree Murphy


This book is one of the best case histories of Alzheimer's Disease that you will find and it is the only book about home care of an Alzheimer's family member available today. There are 4 million people currently with this illness, 80% of them are cared for at home.

Thomas V. Murphy struggled for 14 years with this illness and was maintained in his home by his wife, Beverly, until he died. Beverly speaks of how she grew into her role as caregiver and how she solved the many problems that faced her as the demands of his illness increased. She also speaks of the bias she experienced once her husband began to lose his abilities and she speaks of the grieving, the humor and the strength she found as she faced the challenges one by one. You will laugh and you will cry but you will not be bored by this book. Her wit, realistic attitude, and common sense come through as she speaks with loving respect about their experience. The ever present love story is further enhanced by her use of the lyrics of old love songs which begin each chapter. She is a professional with 25 years experience working with profoundly handicapped people and who has had the unique experience of also being a caregiver. This is not the usual caregiver book about a dreadful illness but is a love story from beginning to end.


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