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Homicide Survivors: Misunderstood Grievers (Death, Value, and Meaning)
Judie A., Ph.D. Bucholz

Doubly burdened may be one way to describe victims of homicide. First they are violated by the death of a loved one through violence, the violence that has become the headlines we call today's story. The second burden is our lack of awareness of the horror of the trauma and the loss that accompanies violent death for the bereaved. We further traumatize people with our systems, our running away from these grievers (it is just too painful for us) and the further victimization that results.

Bucholz writes as an accomplished scholar, but brings the special gift to us as a survivor of homicide. The book will speak wisely to all professionals who brush up against the fragile survivors and reframes us as more sensitive caregivers. The first part is stories, detailed, informative, tough. Part 2 develops the themes that emerge from the stories. The third part summaries the stories and meanings with insights for comfort care. The index of terms is invaluable.

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