How It Feels When Parents Divorce
Jill Krementz


19 children from age 7-17, from diverse backgrounds, share their deepest feelings about divorce. By listening to them, all children of divorced parents can find valuable ways to help themselves through the grim times.......

From the Back Cover "Jill Krementz's book uses two important techniques for uncovering the issues for children of divorce -- her soul-searching pictures of the children and her sensitive interviews. Since 58 percent of children in the United States will live in single-parent families, their feelings should be a critical, burning issue for all of us. The issues as they see them are poignant and devastatingly incisive in the telling. That they all pay a price -- of having to assume the responsibility for family breakup, of having to wonder whether family relationships are even a good idea -- comes through loud and clear. That the price can be balanced in some ways by parents who do not use the child as a "football," but maintain good relationships with each other, is demonstrated as well. I feel that parents can certainly benefit, as can children, from learning about how to live with the losses of a divorce. The voices of these children are strong and vital. Their stories show how achingly responsive they are to such a caring, sensitive person as Ms. Krementz. This is a beautiful book and one we should all read."


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