Harry Potter Literature Guide: Prisoner of Azkaban
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Reading Level: Elementary

How does Harry feel about being left behind when the other students go to Hogsmeade?

Why doesn't Azkaban need walls to keep in prisoners?

What would you say to someone in a Howler if you were really angry with him or her?

With probing, thought-provoking questions like these, the literature guide for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban encourages students to explore the complexities of J.K. Rowling's extraordinarily popular Harry Potter series. The lightweight 18-page booklet is divided into chapter groupings, with summaries, discussion questions, activities, and lessons in comprehension and recall, vocabulary, and themes. Cross-curricular activities in literature, science, art, math, and more guide children to discover the origins (and significance) of Professor Remus Lupin's name, assign monetary values to each of the coins Harry Potter and his wizard friends use, and design signs for the shops in Hogsmeade. Reproducible handouts and a colorful poster provide more educational opportunities for educators who choose to seize this huge, unique teaching moment for their students.

--Emilie Coulter

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