In Their Own Words: A Sexual Abuse Workbook
For Teenage Girls

Lulie Munson, Karen Riskin, Child Welfare League of America


Developed from the authors' more than seven years of work with adolescent survivors of sexual abuse at the Germaine Lawrence School in Arlington, Massachusetts, this workbook is exceptionally well written. Both licensed independent clinical social workers, Munson and Riskin's awareness of and respect for girls' experiences, emotions, and difficulties with regard to sexual abuse makes this an extremely valuable adjunct to individual and/or group therapy. Survivors may use the workbook in a variety of ways-contracting with themselves and their therapists to keep focused, adjusting contracts as necessary for comfort or therapeutic progress-and are encouraged to work at their own pace and in their own styles. From the clear, hopeful preface and introduction, through definitions and vocabulary necessary for girls to discuss abuse and identify their feelings, to the final chapter, "Taking Charge of Your Life," the authors accompany girls and guide them through extremely arduous, unsettling waters. Each of ten chapters includes quotes from survivors and a "Take a Break: Check In with Yourself" section, and concludes with suggested activities that involve various forms of artistic/emotional expression.
From Cynthia L. Blinn - VOYA


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