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I Thought We'd Never Speak Again : The Road from Estrangement to Reconciliation
by Laura Davis

This book has rocked my world. I literally have a different life after having read it. It has led me to take giant steps toward multiple personal reconciliations that have held me hostage for years, while also giving me a sense of collective purpose - the significance of this kind of work toward a vision of reconciliation on a global scale can not be underestimated..

Am I the 100th monkey? All I can tell you is that from these pages came real changes . The stories evoked alot of head nodding and tears, with my own stories of estrangement suddenly having a tangible context within which to flourish and take heart... Maybe it was the great empathy with which it was written, or the detailed way in which Ms Davis is able to take us down that jungle path into the contrary ways of the heart ...these things followed by stories of those doing the good work of reconciling entire classes of people in political or religious conflict made for one very moved, well fed, and lately enlightened monkey.


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