It's a Miracle

Richard Thomas


Miracles are ephemeral, a mere moment of time in which something extraordinary or supernatural intervenes in the lives of people. Yet the enduring effects of miracles are testaments to their remarkable power and to their indelible impact upon the human soul. Paying homage to these divine interventions, PAX TV's television show It's a Miracle documents the marvels that occur to everyday people. Hosted by Richard Thomas (of Waltons fame) and Nia Peeples, It's a Miracle documents 10 events so unexplainable that they must be "gifts from above."

Using interviews of the people involved in the incidents and dramatic re-creations, the show allows the participants to tell their stories for themselves. To the skeptic's eye, some of these stories may seem to be cases of extreme coincidence--for example, Frank and Rich randomly find each other on a pier when one needs a kidney and the other is a perfect match; two people fall in love after they receive organ transplants from the same donor. Some of these stories, however, are so remarkable that even the most cynical of viewers may have difficulty disputing them. Try to explain by rational logic or coincidence how Baby Logan lived. He was born without a heartbeat, and the doctors worked on him for 33 minutes before pronouncing him dead. Yet 45 minutes later, as he was being held by his grandmother, the lifeless boy began to breathe, making a full recovery. And if you're not moved by the story of Herman, a young boy in a concentration camp, and the woman he was destined to be with, then you are truly a pessimist. This video shows, as the grateful recipient of one miracle so succinctly puts it, "Miracles happen to everyday people."

--Jenny Brown

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