The Jericho Plan: Breaking Down the Walls
Which Prevent Post-Abortion Healing

David C. Reardon


Back Cover Description of Book
Be a healer. Learn how to help others--or yourself--find emotional and spiritual healing after an abortion. In this book, you will learn why women and men experiencing unresolved grief over a past abortion feel trapped. Unable to express their pain or seek the comfort of loved ones. On one hand, they fear that those who are pro-life will condemn and reject them. On the other hand, they fear that those who are pro-choice will deny their need to grieve and reject the reality of their pain.

Prepared with input from experienced post-abortion counselors and clergy, this book will teach you how to break through these and many other obstacles which prevent post-abortion healing. You will find in this book comfort and direction for yourself, your loved ones, and your acquaintances.

* Learn the seven steps involved in post-abortion healing.
* Become a "stealth healer," providing hope to those plagued by unresolved abortion grief--even if their abortions are still being kept a secret.
* Learn how a message of compassion toward those who have had abortions will unify your community and reduce hostilities between those who are pro-choice and those who are pro-life.
* Use dynamic examples of God's mercy and forgiveness to create a healing environment in your church community.

While useful for anyone interested in post-abortion healing, this book is especially directed toward ministers and clergy. It solves the difficult problem of how to preach on the abortion issue in a compassionate and unifying way. It provides background information on post-abortion issues, compelling testimonies, sample sermons, and an extensive directory of resources.

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