The Journey Through Cancer: An Oncologist's
Seven-Level Program for Healing
and Transforming the Whole Person

Jeremy R. Geffen, M.D.


The Journey Through Cancer is an essential guide for all cancer patients, their families, and their loved ones. As a board-certified oncologist, with more than ten years of experience serving as physician, guide, mentor, coach, and friend to thousands of cancer patients and their families, Dr. Jeremy Geffen has learned how cancer often challenges the mind, heart, and spirit of patients and their families as deeply --- if not more deeply --- than it challenges the physical body. Yet this simple truth is often overlooked by Western medicine as it aggressively pursues the best ways to diagnose and treat cancer. Too often physicians focus almost exclusively on the physical dimensions of the disease, rather than caring for the whole person who has the disease. Dr. Geffen presents a groundbreaking seven- level program, used at his cancer center in Florida, that addresses every dimension of the person with cancer--physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual:

* Education and Information, giving patients answers to questions about their disease and their treatment options
* Psychosocial Support, focusing on the need for and benefits of a strong support network
* The Body as Garden, exploring the vast array of alternative and complementary therapies
* Emotional Healing, helping patients and families deal with the often overwhelming emotional challenges of cancer
* The Nature of Mind, exploring how patients' thoughts and beliefs profoundly influence their journey
* Life Assessment, showing patients how to discover their life's deepest meaning and purpose
* The Nature of Spirit, connecting patients to the profoundly healing spiritual aspect of life we all share.

In The Journey Through Cancer, Dr. Geffen presents a revolutionary model of healing based on the best treatments available from every culture and paradigm of medicine. One that respects and explores every possible avenue and resource for healing and transformation, blending East and West, body and mind, heart and technology, science and spirit.

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