Last Rights?: Assisted Suicide
and Euthanasia Debated

Michael M. Uhlmann, Ethics and Public Policy Center


The debate over assisted suicide and euthanasia has become one of the most vociferous moral and political issues of our time. Yet the problem is not new. The major arguments have been wrestled with both in pagan antiquity and throughout the history of the church. From Plato, Augustine, and Aquinas, from Donne and Hume to our present day, the theological, legal, and medical communities have all entered into the fray. This comprehensive and rich anthology of primary sources is the essential reference work for those interested in understanding the many facets of the arguments both for and against assisted suicide and euthanasia. The book examines both sides of the moral, theological, legal and medical perspectives, and each contribution in this collection is accompanied by a helpful introduction guiding readers through the debate.


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