Legacies of Love, A Gentle Guide
to Healing from the Loss of Your Animal Loved One

Theresa L. Wagner, Maxine Musgrave


If you've given up hope that anyone would ever understand the depth of your love for animals or your profound grief when you lose them, take heart. The support you've been yearning for is here. With extraordinary empathy and love, this audiobook brings you a compelling message of hope and renewal. Author and reader, Teresa Wagner, gently leads you through a journey of understanding your grief and why animal loss is different. You learn tools to not only cope with grief, but to truly heal and find meaning from loss. You are guided through a magical meditation to help you more easily accept letting go, to connect you with the spirit of your animal loved one, fill you with grace and love, and the knowledge that your heart will go on. For too long, the death of animals and our grief of their loss has been trivialized. In your sacred time of grief, you deserve to be honored, supported and understood. The gentle words and soothing music of the Legacies of Love tapes will warm you and light your way.

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