Life and Loss: A Guide to Help Grieving Children
Linda Goldman


Goldman is well established as a child's advocate, counselor and friend. Her many publications, programs as well as personal interventions have brought endless comfort and care to children and to their families.

This book is about life and loss, and about children. It recognizes that loss's tragic impact includes, among many other things, the maze in which we are "dumped." That "relocation" is tough enough for adults, but a nightmare for children. Goldman uses story, craft, feelings to guide children and parents.

Chapter one focuses on children's loss and grief. How does it affect children and how can we help? There is discussion of loss of relationships, external objects, losses in the environment, the self, losses related to skills and abilities, loss related to habits and loss of the protection of the adult world.

Chapter two explores myths about grief, especially as they involve children and includes the four psychological tasks of grief work.

The rest of the book includes preparing children to say goodbye, resources for school personnel, the community grief team, community resources and other resources for children.

Goldman is a name you will remember, and wisely so.

The Rev. Dr. Richard B. Gilbert,
Executive Director, The World Pastoral Care Center

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