The Life and Death Dilemma
Joni Eareckson Tada


You might be standing by the bedside of an ill or dying family member, facing agonizing moral and medical choices. Or you may be struggling with a disability, asking questions that seem to have no answers. Where can you find practical encouragement and realistic perspective to help you make the best decisions? Joni Eareckson Tada, herself a quadriplegic, helps you and your family tackle the hard questions about death, illness, and suffering, such as: * Is it ever right to choose death, either for yourself or a suffering loved one? * How can I make the best decisions in a medical crisis? * Where is God in the unanswerable questions? * Are our rights being protected? Stories of real people who have faced life-and-death decisions, practical suggestions for coping in crisis, and scriptural insight on the meaning of life help you find hope and answers in difficult situations. From the legal facts to the human factor, Joni brings a unique perspective on what makes life worth living and how to make health care choices with dignity, wisdom, and compassion.


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