Life Out of Focus: Alzheimer's Disease
and Related Disorders
(Encyclopedia of Psychological Disorders)

Dan Harmon, Carol C. Nadelson (Editor)


Reading Level: Adolescent to Adult

Harmon provides an informative and poignant look at the patients and caregivers affected by Alzheimer's. In a heart-tugging first chapter, he traces the mental deterioration of two once-vibrant women who become friends before succumbing to the disease. Details of their decline provide a springboard for biological and psychological explanations of the symptoms. The historical background on Alzheimer's, including sections on Rita Hayworth and Ronald Reagan, gives a sense of the scope of its impact; and effective sidebars (especially about an Internet chat room called the "Alzheimer's Anger Wall") vividly illustrate how devastating the disease is for sufferers and their loved ones. Although the reading level of early chapters seems geared to younger readers, subsequent chapters become more sophisticated, offering researchers solid data and a rich analysis of the subject. Appendixes include national contact centers, a glossary, and a list for further reading.
Roger Leslie


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