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Life Touches Life: A Mother's Story of Stillbirth and Healing
by Lorraine Ash

Unable to find answers when her only child, Victoria, was stillborn, Lorraine Ash came to write the book she longed for. Ash explains how she made it through this difficult emotional terrain and how her experiences led to richer ways of seeing, being, and loving in the world. Her book shatters the silence surrounding stillbirth and the unspoken grief. Ash describes the inner changes she faced after the stillbirth of her daughter and delves into spiritual questions that shook her soul. She also reveals the erratic social landscape she encountered and what it felt like to be faced with people who emotionally misunderstood her oss and gaver he little, if any, time for recovery. It's a long road to a new life but Ash reassures her readers that recovery is possible.


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