Living Again: A Personal Journey for Surviving
the Loss of a Spouse

William Wallace


Throughout our lives we have known that none of us are immortal. Yet as married couples we spend a significant part of our time together planning for the future, "our retirement together to the rocking chairs on the front porch". The death of a spouse causes dramatic and immediate changes to the life of the surviving spouse, and many times threatens the very fabric of their existence. This person with whom you have built your life is gone and as the surviving spouse you are left to put the pieces of your life back together. On February 26, 1995 William Wallace became one of the thousands of people in the United States who each year become surviving spouses. In Living Again he uses this experience to guide the reader through the maze of uncertainty and pain that surrounds grief recovery, to the ultimate goal of again living a full and richly rewarding life. Short, and to the point, Living Again is a passionate, heartfelt description of the personal journey each survivor must make, and is filled with stories of the author's mistakes and successes. This book is for those who have recently lost a spouse or their death appears imminent and provides a better understanding of what you can expect on the journey through grief.


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