Living the Truth
Alan W. Jones


Jones is the Dean of Grace Cathedral (Episcopal), San Francisco, and a most respected orator of the Gospel and social concerns that hunger for the gifts of the Gospel.

"Truth is a matter of trust. Trust holds human beings together."

By exploring trust we are brought closer to the gifts of covenant, the opportunities in covenant, and the responsibilities of those in covenant with one another and with God.

We are given the traditional view, and also forced to consider ways that we compromise that truth, those definitions, through our biases, heritage, misgivings and filters. We become more Gospel aware and more self-aware.

This understanding of truth leads us to claim our pilgrim, not "there" yet, but well along the way.

This book would serve so well as a small group process, as well as for individual study and as the basis for a preaching or teaching mission.

The Rev. Dr. Richard B. Gilbert, The World Pastoral Care Center

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