Living When a Young Friend Commits Suicide:
Or Even Starts Talking About It

Earl A. Grollman, Max Malikow


Grollman, a prolific author and internationally known grief counselor, and his colleague Malikow present a powerful, dynamic resource that covers the issue of suicide from many angles. Using simple language, they maintain a compassionate tone that makes the information accessible to readers, no matter what their personality or stage of grief. Best of all, the text never drifts into vagaries. It consistently and concretely analyzes the grieving process and gives pragmatic advice on everything from talking to family members of the deceased to avoiding unhealthy reactions, such as alcohol abuse. Even in chapters that cover the sensitive issue of religious beliefs, the authors tread confidently and nonjudgmentally, impressively honoring all perspectives. Of great value to the youth who have faced the suicide of a loved one, the book will also be useful to educators, counselors, and parents. Appended material includes books and audiovisual support materials.
Roger Leslie


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