Losing Your Parents, Finding Your Self:
The Defining Turning Point of Adult Life

Victoria Secunda


An eloquent and groundbreaking book that explores the impact on one's life of losing a parent in adulthood, including its effect on families, careers, and friendships In a book that is destined to strike a chord with baby boomers everywhere, journalist Victoria Secunda illustrates how losing a parent has a profound effect on all aspects of the lives of adults. Drawing from her original study of more than 100 adults as well as her own experiences, Secunda addresses a myriad of issues, such as: What does it mean to be alone or orphaned? How does this event transform relationships with one's siblings, spouse, friends, children, or own identity? Most importantly, Secunda explores how losing a parent dramatically reshapes one's sense of self, causing a re-evaluation of one's life and choices in ways that were not possible before. The first book to approach this life-changing, all-encompassing event from the perspective of adulthood, Losing Your Parents, Finding Your Self is destined to become a classic.


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