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Loss of the Assumptive World: A Theory of Traumatic Loss
(The Series in Trauma & Loss)

by Jeffrey Kauffman (Editor) 

This book is part of the ongoing collection, "the series in trauma and loss," with consulting editors Charles Figley and Therese Rando. In introducing this volume the editors remind us, "Trauma and grief therapy is faced with the responsibility of responding to new challenges in the treatment of traumatized persons. Understanding grief and trauma theory and treatment well, and taking care of one's own trauma, is now a responsibility of all psychotherapists."

In the foreword we are reminded of the world view change that accompanied 9/11. While that redefined most everything, it is also a strong spotlight on what trauma has always meant for its victims. "Over and over, the theme that emerged from discussions with those who survived - particularly those who knew victims killed in the attack - was an extraordinary shift in worldviews. Whether we speak here of the horrors with The World Trade Center buildings or a recently captured newspaper photo of a grandmother clutching her dead granddaughter on the front steps of her house after being gunned down by a stray bullet in a gang war, trauma changes everything, at least for a time, and victims need the space of that journey and informed caregivers to accompany them. "I never thought it could happen to me." The assumptions of our world and our selves are changed by trauma. This book is that story.

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