A Loving Voice: A Caregiver's Book
of Read-Aloud Stories For the Elderly

Carolyn Banks


Book Description
Collection of short stories and poems reprinted in a easy to use format for care-givers to read to the elderly in nursing homes, hospitals, or who are housebound.

Book Review
When caring for or visiting an elderly friend, relative, or patient, most of us have found that after a few minutes of small talk, we run out of things to say. In an effort to bridge those silent moments, [this] new anthology provides a wonderful and entertaining way for caregivers to spend meaningful time with an elderly companion.

With the older adult in mind, Banks and Rizzo carefully selected 52 stories and poems (one for every week) encompassing a broad range of themes including love, family, and friendship and settings that would evoke nostalgic recollections and warm recollections of the past. Many well- known authors are represented including Louise Erdrich, Carolyn Osborn and Paul Estavar.

A Loving Voice will be deeply appreciated by all those responsible for visiting or caring for the elderly. It will be especially useful to nurses, nurses' aides, nursing home workers, hospice workers, and all others who serve as caregivers for an elderly person.
Reviewed by Cendra Lynn, Ph.D.


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