Mainstay: For the Well Spouse of the Chronically Ill
Maggie Strong


From the heart
Maggie Strong has written a hands-on book for those who are living with a chronically ill spouse or partner. She speaks from her own personal experience and shares the stories that other caregivers have told her. Strong was the first one to write a book that 'tells it like it is." Her writing brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion because I thought my experiences with an ill husband were unique. This book showed me that I was not alone, where to turn for help in finding support groups, how to handle difficult family situations, and most importantly, gave me hope that I could carry on. Being a caregiver is a very lonely existence...most of the attention focuses on the person who is ill. However, illness impacts the entire family. The healthy or well spouse should not be an invisible part of the equation. Brava to Maggie Strong for her courage and for leading the way on this important topic.
[email protected] from New Jersey , August 4, 1999

Validation and Practical Help for a Well Spouse
When my husband was diagnosed with a chronic illness in 1992,I was totally unprepared for the major lifestyle changes that it brought about, even though I am a nurse. When I found "Mainstay", it was as though I was no longer alone. There was someone who not only understood but who was able to clearly articulate the experience. The illness and the circumstances were different but the feelings were so similar. The book also gives realistic and practical ways to survive as a well spouse. However, for me, the best part was that the book led to an ongoing organization, the Well Spouse Foundation, that continues to provide support, education, and hope to many well spouses.
A reader from Missouri, October 28, 1998

The author offers solid advice, restorative support
For anyone who is living through the challenges of caring for a loved one who is chronically ill, this is a voice of sense and compassion, spoken by one who obviously knows what she's talking about from first-hand experience. Maggie Strong explores every aspect of the experience, from the first dreadful diagnosis of her mate's emerging disease to the social and emotional changes that inevitably wash over the family's daily routines. And while she never glosses over the terrible toll such an experience can take on every member of the family, she also offers plenty of affirming information on what caregivers can do to save themselves while negotiating these difficult waters. I can't recommend this book enough. Short of knowing Maggie Strong personally, I can't imagine having a better companion for the journey my husband and I must travel. The book has literally saved my life! Thank you, Maggie.
A reader from South Kent, CT , September 4, 1998

Indispensable for caregivers
This is a rare thing--a practical, down-to-earth guide that's also very personal and written with the power of a good novel. As the wife of a chronically ill husband, Maggie Strong is honest about her husband's long illness and how it has altered their marriage and their family, and about the feelings all caregivers have: the love, the despair, the humor, the determination to go on and transcend enormous problems. There is nothing depressing here, but no Pollyanna either. You'll also learn about insurance, disability checks, dealing with doctors, asking for help, and scores of other ways to manage. You'll learn about a great support group. This voice will stay with you.
A reader from New York City , July 7, 1998

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