When Mama's Gone
Richard O. Jones


This compelling story takes the reader into the mind of a dedicated criminal suddenly plunged into single fatherhood. Richard Jones, a Los Angeles city slicker and con artist, marries a naive country girl from Mississippi. Annie Mae Champs, a devout Christian, compromises her faith to appease her atheist husband. This paradoxical marriage drifts apart on moral issues and ends with Annie's untimely death. This tragedy leaves Jones alone to rear their four daughters, ages ten, six, four, and two years old.

Jones, the product of an all-female household, never had the benefit of a nurturing male experience. Suddenly, he finds himself struggling to be a full-time single parent. Jones encounters unethical live-in housekeepers and an unfaithful live-in lover. His reluctance to abandon his criminal activities leads him to prison. While incarcerated, Jones burns the bridge leading back to crime by writing a book titled, Tips Against Crime Written From Prison. Later, his anti-crime activities led to a guest appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show

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