How a Man Overcomes Disappointment and Burnout
David B. Hawkins, Ross A. Tunnell,III, David Hazard


Can your disappointments lead to a whole new start? Many men are competent in a crisis but the ongoing, numbing effect of disappointment and burnout can nail even the smartest guys. Most men sooner or later face a season of discouragement. It may be a string of career disappointments. Big opportunities missed. Failure in marriage or parenting. Or a long-term health problem. Even your faith can be shaken. The good news is that you can begin today to take the simple steps toward breakthrough living. You can correct self-defeating attitudes and habits and begin to build inner resilience, gather a team of men who can give you strength, wisdom, and practical advice, reestablish that all-important foundation of trust in God, heal in body and heart - and begin living again!


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