Sandra Lee Smith


Reading Level: Young Adult

Why I researched this topic and wrote the book on Marijuana....

Growing up in the sixties, I watched many friends destroy themselves with the use of marijuana and other substances. Because the effects of marijuana are subtle, they don't appear to be harmful. But I have seen friends who were once intelligent and full of vigor become sluggish after many years of use. This inspired in me a desire to warn people about the ill effects of the drug, especially teens who are in their formative years. I work with teens and love to be around their enthusiasm and intelligence. It concerns me when they choose substances that will destroy those qualities.

I wrote Marijuana after doing extensive research. It is important when seeking information to find data that is scientifically based. Because marijuana has become a political issue, there are a lot of opinions floating around that are not based on scientific facts,but instead expound a political viewpoint. Find out the truth for yourself before you make any decision to use harmful drugs.

Sandra Lee Smith

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