Medical Mishaps: Pieces of the Puzzle
Linda Mulcahy, Marilynn M. Rosenthal


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  • Table of Contents
  • List of boxes, figures and tables
  • Notes on contributors
  • Acknowledgements
  • Abbreviations and acronyms
  • Foreword Richard Smith, Editor of the British
  • Medical Journal
  • Part One: Mapping and understanding medical mishaps
  • 1. Beyond blaming and perfection: a multi-dimensional approach to medical mishaps, Linda Mulcahy, Marilynn M. Rosenthal
  • 2. Error in medicine, Lucian L. Leape
  • 3. Human factors approaches in medicine, Charles Vincent James Reason
  • Part Two: International perspectives
  • 4. Medical accidents in the UK: a wasted opportunity for improvement? Kieran Walshe
  • 5. Research on errors and safety in Dutch general and hospital practice, M.H. Conradi, B.A.J.M. de Mol
  • 6. Medical accidents and mishaps: the Swedish situation, Lars H. Fallberg, Johan Calltorp
  • 7. Safety of healthcare in Australia: adverse events to hospitalized patients, Ross McL. Wilson Robert Gibberd, John Hamilton, Bernie Harrison
  • Part Three: The escalation and mitigation of mishaps
  • 8. Calling doctors and hospitals to account: complaining and claiming as social processes, Sally Lloyd-Bostock
  • 9. Doctors' responses to patient complaints,Judith Allsop, Linda Mulcahy
  • 10. How doctors think about medical mishaps, Marilynn M. Rosenthal
  • 11. Mediation of medical negligence actions: an option for the future? Linda Mulcahy
  • 12. Medical education: tomorrow's doctors today, Maeve Ennis
  • Part Four: Views from the coalface
  • The doctor's perspective:
  • 13. Reflecting on medical mishaps Raymond Hoffenberg
  • 14. Dysfunctional doctors: the General Medical Council's new approach, Donald Irvine
  • 15. Medical mistakes: a view from the British Medical Association Vivienne Nathanson
  • 16. The role of quality improvement, Edward J. Dickinson
  • The manager's perspective:
  • 17. Medical mishaps: a managerial perspective, Liam J. Donaldson
  • 18. Managing risk and claims: pieces of the puzzle, Susan Polywka, E. Jane Chapman
  • The patient's perspective:
  • 19. The patient's perspective, Arnold Simanowitz
  • 20. Community health councils: helping patients through the complaints procedure, Gary Fereday
  • 21. The right to redress: complaints and principles of grievance procedures, Nicholas Nicol
  • 22. The price of deceit: the reflections of an advocate,Jean Robinson
  • Index
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