Michael Landon's Legacy:
7 Keys to Supercharging Your Life

Cheryl Landon


We all face troubles in our lives. It is easy to think that our problems would go away if only we had...something. A better job. A better marriage. Better health. More money. Something. Many people lead lives of quiet desperation because they think they lack what they need to make them happy. And what is true for individuals is true for our society at large. Our children's future is at stake, and we as a society are losing ground. But it doesn't have to be this way. Your life can be filled with peace, growth, and joy - if you have certain keys. This book offers you those keys. They are simple, easy to understand, and effective. It's just a matter of trying them. Trust in God. Choose love over fear. Take action now. Believe in truth between people. Build bridges. Don't judge each other. Cheryl Landon knows they work. She learned the hard way. Her own life has had no shortage of suffering, including:

  • abuse and loneliness in her first seven years, before her mother married Michael Landon
  • a near-fatal car wreck at age ninteen that left her scarred and in pain, followed by addiction to painkillers, and a suicide attempt
  • Michael Landon's very public divorce from her mother, and his remarriage
  • his sudden illness and death within a few weeks
  • ongoing struggles with illness, pain, and financial worry
  • last-minute changes to his will that left Cheryl's mother and the children wondering if, in his last weeks, Michael Landon had ceased to love them
In "Michael Landon's Legacy," she uses stories from her life to show how discovering these keys and applying them led her to a deeper understanding of life, and helped her not only cope but to triumph. These keys helped her. They can help you. They can help us all to heal our society.
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