Mind, Body, and Soul : A Guide to Living with Cancer
Nancy Hassett Dahm


Mind, Body, and Soul; A Guide to Living with Cancer, is a comprehensive guide for patients and their family members. Readers are taken on an intimate journey through the cancer experience, beginning from the moment of diagnosis. Mind, Body, and Soul guides patients,family,and loved ones through the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of cancer. It spans the entire spectrum of treatment and course of illness. This hardcover, 336-page book is indexed and contains an exhaustive resource appendix that helps the reader access information on free hospitalization, low-cost prescriptions, free medications, and free travel to clinical trials, free supplies, and information on support organizations. Readers will have everything they need to help themselves and their family. They are given in-depth information on managing treatment symptoms, pain, giving and receiving quality care, and overcoming stress and fear. There are also chapters on new advances in cancer treatment, answered prayers, visions, and miracles. You will hear the words of the great philosophers about the meaning of life, self, and soul that are filled with hope. This book contains the collective wisdom the author has acquired over the years. It is a book that no cancer patient and their family should do without.

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