When Mourning Breaks: Coping With Miscarriage
Melissa Sexson Hanson


Couples who suffer a miscarriage often feel themselves to be alone in their grieving. Those whose children die before birth, rather than after birth, often do not have access to rituals that can provide comfort and closure for the loss parents experience. Friends and families frequently feel awkward around the couple, not knowing what to say or do to be helpful. Here, finally, is a book for the grieving parents, that acknowledges the pain of their loss and which offers encouragement for the future. Melissa Sexson Hanson, who has suffered two miscarriages, writes personally and movingly of her own experiences, of the grief and sadness, and of the difficulty of the recovery process. She also writes of hopefulness and of God's healing presence in her life. In meditations and prayers based on biblical (NRSV) passages, Hanson offers hope and comfort to couples during this painful time.

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