Mister Rogers Parenting Book: Helping to Understand Your Young Child

by Fred Rogers


Anyone-child or adult-who has watched Mister Rogers' Neighborhood knows there's something special about the host of that long-running series, qualities of warmth and attentiveness that translate very well into this brief yet thorough parenting guide. "Parenting is about growing. It's about our own growing as much as our children's growing," writes Rogers in the introduction, and what follows pursues that understanding. Nobody's perfect, but parents can get better at their vital job, step by step; the best way to do that, Rogers suggests, is for adults to understand their own childhoods. Divided into Everyday Experiences (Choosing Playthings, Making Friends, etc.), First Experiences (Using the Toilet, Going to the Dentist, etc.) and Special Challenges (Tragic Events in the News, Stepfamilies, etc.), the book covers most of the major areas of concern to parents of young children and emphasizes that parenting can be a source of great joy. The advice is firm, practical and kind.

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