(Series in Death, Dying and Bereavement)

Multiple Aids-Related Loss: A Handbook
for Understanding and Surviving a Perpetual Fall
(Series in Death, Dying and Bereavement)

David Nord


"I wrote this book to help survivors of multiple loss Surviving multiple AIDS-related losses is a historically unique phenomenon. I have written this book to help survivors, whether they are friends, lovers, family, caregivers, professionals, or volunteers. I intend this book to be the book which will sit on library shelves to document and bear witness to survivors of multiple AIDS-related loss. Through the personal stories of four very different survivors, the book helps explain why multiple AIDS-related loss is a uniquely devastating tragedy. Beyond explaining the problem of multiple loss, the book also offers practical and useful ways to heal from the impact of AIDS. Through an intriguing combination of anecdotes, theory, historical perspective, clinical observations, and philosophical insight, this book helps survivors recover from the impact of multiple AIDS-related loss."
The author, David Nord, MA Psychology


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