My Cup Runneth Over: Setting Goals
For Single Parents and Working Couples

Daryl D. Green


How do families find balance? Although the immediate answer is unclear, one thing is certain -- the American family needs help. My Cup Runneth Over guides families in setting goals for themselves. Daryl and his wife have first-hand experience on this subject, both working full-time jobs, and raising three active children. This book uses a new management process called Meshing TM. The book is very different from most family books, focusing more on practical solutions. Daryl has used our experience as managers from the government, nonprofit, and private business sectors to assist families in this country to do what we have done--take control of our family. Written in an informal, entertaining style, it provides information to families that give them HOPE. Creatively illustrated with graphics and charts, the book is also indexed for quick reference. It is essential reading for families in search of purpose.

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