My Unicorn Has Gone Away: Life, Death, Grief
and Living in the Years of AIDS

Robert J. L. Publicover


This is a book of grief and life with AIDS after 22 years + I wrote "My Unicorn" after my Lover of 10 years died. I wrote for me...the grief was unbearable yet I always realized that I had to go on...I am 'unofficially" the longest survivor of the HIV virus in America after 22 years in good health. "Unicorn" can help you to understand your grief if you have lost a loved one to AIDS. Because of the book I have made myself available to speak at conferences. I have had so many people ask me how to talk to children about AIDS after "Unicorn" that I have almost completed a children's illustrated primer on AIDS, "What's Wrong with Uncle Johnny?"
Robert J. L. Publicover, Author  

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