A Native American Theology
Clara Sue Kidwell, Homer Noley, George E. Tinker


Kidwell, Noley and Tinker have put together one of the better texts on Native American theology. The number of different perspectives that could be covered almost makes this an impossible task. Unlike many texts which present all Native American religious as being the same, or other texts that focus solely on one tribe or culture, this text gives an excellent overview of the differences between many types of groups.

The topics, themselves, are interesting, including chapters on hermeneutics, creation, deity, Christology, Theological Anthropology, sin and ethics, trickster, land and eschatology. Each chapter presents a rather strong analysis of the views of various tribes. While some major tribes are neglected, generally, the authors do a pretty good job of representing the tribes that are covered. For the serious student of the study of religions, this text is an excellent choice. For the person who wants to better understand her or his own religion, this is also an excellent choice. It is probably not so good for one who is not a serious scholar, nor is it a text for one who is interested in a particular version of Native American religion. It is a thought-provoking text that causes one to reassess one's own ideas on religion and society. Because it does skip from one tribe or cultural group to another, it is at times necessary to rethink what one has read and to whom does it apply. Still, I would highly recommend this text. It was interesting and fun to read. It will make you think.

The Rev. Dr. Richard B. Gilbert,
Executive Director, The World Pastoral Care Center

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