A One-Legged Cricket
C. J. Macgenn


On the journey through life you can't always see around every bend in the road. Even when you are doing everything right, things can go wrong. In the blink of an eye, an unexpected tragedy can rip through your life and change it all. It's as if some big invisible door slams and nothing is ever the same again.

Just as everything in Julie Maxwell's life seems to be crumbling around her, an irascible little character named Ulysses O. Niveus suddenly appears in her life. Who is this little guy? Where did he come from? Does he really talk to her? Does he even exist? Or, is she imagining the whole thing? Before long it doesn't matter. Ulysses takes Julie on a spirited journey through the tears and fears of self-discovery, and soon her whole world begins to change. An artist she never knew existed begins to emerge from within, and she finds a whole new reason for living -- herself.

A One-Legged Cricket is a story about letting go - about learning how to believe in yourself, and the magical things that can happen when you do.

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