When Only the Love Remains: The Pain of Pet Loss

by Emily Margaret Stuparyk

Synopsis: Poems expressing unconditional love for a rabbit companion., June 20, 2000


Reviewer: Marinda Stretavsky from Pittsburgh, PA

In this sensitive and honest work, the author shares her truest feelings about losing her beloved pet. Her feelings show us that having an animal loss (as opposed to human loss) in one's life does not diminish it's intensity or grief. The bond between animal and human is so great (in the shamanistic sense, the rabbit has become her power animal) that upon losing the pet, she has lost a part of herself. As with a human loss, another rabbit cannot replace the one who has died. She shows us how she passes from one stage of grief to another. In time, she realizes that Poochie,the rabbit never left her side and her memories enable her to go on with her life. This book is the most beautifully sensitive acount of one's experience with pet loss. As the poems are written straight from the heart, you will laugh and cry as you learn how Poochie made such a great impact on the author's life.


Reviewer: Terry H., Halton/Peel PLSG from Canada

Emily has written this book of poetry with love - she understands the pain of pet loss that every person who loves a pet will eventually experience. She takes the reader on a journey, recognizable by all of us, through the pain, the anger, the denial, and the guilt we feel when our beloved companion animals go to the "Rainbow Bridge". I was comforted to know that the emotions I felt at the loss of my Smokey had also been felt by Emily. Readers will be comforted to know that they are not alone in their grief. As I continued to read these beautiful tributes to "Poochie", I could feel the love pouring off of the pages as Emily, and I, remembered with love, our beloved furbabies. Although I shed tears as I read this book, these tears were healing and I felt as if Emily was there, by my side, as some of the pain ebbed away. By the end of the book, I felt as if Emily had also been there, supporting me, as I remembered my Smokey with happy memories and smiles. Thank you Emily for putting into such beautiful words the love that will always remain in our hearts.

This is a wonderful book for anyone who has ever lost a beloved pet or for those individuals (such as veterinarians) who are involved in pet loss.

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